Sample Study Results

From start to finish, a sample case  

Ambient Energy Orbs have been deployed by over a dozen utilities in both residential and commercial demand response projects worldwide. The Energy Orb works works in conjunction with the real time energy tracking data of utilities, providing customers with feedback they can use to reduce their energy consumption and relieve strain on the grid.

Here is an example of how some of our utility partners are employing Ambient’s technology:


Month 1

First contact with Program Manager

Month 2

Pilot study design and contract finalization. Purchase order received.

Months 2-5

Development and testing conducted on back-end infrastructure. Manufacturing of custom EnergyOrbs beings. Utility partner selects participants for specific Demand Response programs.

Month 5

EnergyOrbs delivered to utility partner warehouse. Communications infrastructure goes into live production.

Month 6

Utility partner distributes devices to residential customer base.


Month 6-14 Pilot underway, resulting in independently verified results for EneryOrb pilot program to share with PUC.