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Energy devices

Saving energy is fun, too. Here are a few of our offerings to help utilities and their
customers use up-to-the-moment information to get a handle on consumption.

Energy Joule

The Energy Joule is Ambient’s latest innovation in its line of energy products. Its elegant display monitors and communicates changes in energy prices by glowing a varying degree of colors. If the device is glowing red, it indicates high energy prices; yellow indicates above average pricing; and green indicates average or low pricing.

In addition to the colored backlight, the Energy Joule has a digital screen that transforms wireless data from the home’s smart meter into immediate, easily accessible information about current energy rates and household consumption trends. This screen is also capable of displaying the local weather forecast, making it a valuable device for consumers even when energy usage is not their top priority (such as in off-peak seasons).

Ambient’s Energy Joule has recently undergone significant testing to become ZigBee-enabled and ZigBee Certified, enabling it to provide data on energy usage and pricing wirelessly and without the need for an Internet connection.

The Ambient Energy Joule is a CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award Honoree.

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Energy Orbenergy-orb

The Energy Orb is a frosted glass ball that provides real-time data about energy consumption, enabling customers to modify their energy usage when it matters most. The simple display communicates changes in pricing and demand by glowing a varying degree of colors; when the device glows green, demand and pricing is low, while glowing red indicates that demand and pricing is high. The Energy Orb receives signals over the Ambient Information Network, a service delivery infrastructure and wireless network. More than a dozen utilities have used Ambient’s Energy Orb in both residential and commercial demand response projects, and a ZigBee-enabled version of the Energy Orb is also available for utilities interested in taking advantage of their smart metering initiatives. 

Energy Dash

The Energy Dash expands our suite of glanceable devices with supplemental functionality.  In addition to serving as a tool for utility companies to relay information to customers about energy consumption and demand, the Zigbee enabled Energy Dash also provides customers with real time indoor temperature and the option of displaying both individual home and neighborhood level comparative billing data.

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