How Ambient Devices Work

Ambient Devices create tangible interfaces between consumers and their digital information through wireless, sell-contained products.

The platform behind the service is called the Ambient Information Network™. It features a data delivery infrastructure and wireless network based on patented processes developed at Ambient and MIT Media Lab.

Because the network aggregates, scrubs, packetizes, transmits, and decodes data automatically, Ambient devices maintain a "polite" interface, one where content is visible and technologies are transparent.

With the Ambient platform, home wireless displays are as easy to use as reading a clock. Here’s one example of how an Ambient utility partner employed our technology to translate grid data into meaningful ambient content:


Raw pricing data  

The real-time price of energy is determined by utilities, based on current supply and demand conditions. Multiple pricing programs in effect? That’s fine with us; all we need is a data feed for each pricing program.  Event notifications or special circumstances can also be broadcast.

The Ambient Platform  

We convert and format the data, based on your customers' profiles, for optimal ambient rendering. Simple web interfaces allow the utility program manager to easily control device behavior. Then the information is compressed and sent wirelessly, constantly, to all Ambient-powered devices. 

Customer signaling  

By the time it reaches your customers, the information is simple, elegant and easy to act on.