Utility Deployment

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The Ambient Energy Orb is currently in use at utilities including: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE) and Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) with a next-generation set of devices to follow in 2012. Utility project data verifies that the Energy Orb reduces energy consumption by approximately 25%. A study from the most recent “BGE Smart Energy Pricing Pilot,” published by The Brattle Group, reveals that homes utilizing Ambient’s Energy Orbs showed a 23-27% reduction in demand during peak events.

Assessment Programs

Independent Verified Reports

Southern California Edison - IDP 1


70% of residential customers took action
65% of commercial & industrial customers took action (using Ambient Energy Orbs only)

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ComEd / Exelon - PriceLight 2


When the electricity price increased 
100%, people using Ambient Orbs showed a
10% reduction in electricity usage.

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Baltimore Gas & Electric - SEP 3


Customers using Ambient Orbs reduced demand by up to 27% during peak demand events.

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Ongoing Programs

Current Status

Pacific Gas & Electric - C&I

Assessment program is ongoing.

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By outfitting consumers with an easy-to-use enterprise or in-home tool like the Energy Orb for smart energy consumption, utility companies will see power consumption spread more evenly through each day and an increase in overall customer satisfaction. Below are some companies we are working with to ease the strain on the grid and the strengthen the relationship between utilities and customers.


1    IDP: In Southern California from August to September 2004, the Orb was used in the Information Display Pilot (part of the larger California Statewide Pricing Pilot) designed to see what effect information “treatments” might have in the residential and commercial sectors.

2    PriceLight: In Central and Southern Illinois, the Orb was renamed the “PriceLight” by the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) in their Power Smart Pricing Program for residential customers of Ameren Illinois Utilities from May 2007 to October 2008.  

3    SEP: BG&E’s Smart Energy Pricing Pilot, used pricing, Orbs, and Orbs with AC controls.